Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Peace Corps Week!

In honor of Peace Corps Week, I'm posting a few pictures of my favorite times in the Peace Corps.  I loved my time in Albania and Morocco and there isn't a day that goes by where something makes me think of my time over there.  Here's some of my favorites.....

Swearing in after completing PST in Albania

One week summer camp for children living in poverty in Albania
Events for the International Day of Roma Communities both years in Albania

My counterpart, Yllka, getting married before I left Albania

My favorite family in my final site in Albania

Swearing in after completing PST in Morocco

couscous to go from my host mom's association in my final site in Morocco

Special Olympics Morocco

GLOW camp for girls in the south of Morocco

Women's day event in my town in Morocco.  Finally being accepted by the women after a year and a half

Spring camp in Agadir with all my kids from my youth center

AIDS awareness campaign started by my kids and captured the attention of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Morocco

COS'ing in Morocco.  After 4 1/2 years after leaving for Albania, I finished my first Peace Corps journey
I will never forget my times in Albania and Morocco.  These two experiences have changed me forever and I hope that I have the opportunity again to serve as a PCV.  I've served on two continents.... two more to go to reach my goal of serving on each continent where PC is present :)

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