Friday, September 4, 2009

Something to Lift Your Spirits

This morning I met with Yllka and she had a very sad story to tell me. She had met with a woman and her two children earlier and heard that the husband had become very abusive. He has become an alcoholic and abuses the entire family. She made a decision that morning that she needed to leave the house. Yllka, being a social worker told them to meet her later and she would take them to someone who could help. She asked me if I could help. I thought of what I could possibly do and then I remembered I still had some things that had been sent to me from America. I told Yllka I would meet her later and she left.

I quickly grabbed some crayons, markers, pens and a toy for each kid and put it all together in a nice little bag. When I met up with Yllka again she was with the woman and her children. After introductions, I handed over the bags and the mother started to cry. She told me thank you and so did the children. The way those kids faces lit up, I knew I had made their day. Such a small gesture yet it helped a lot.

So now it is only noon yet I have made my small impact on Lezha for the day. It's days like this that I love my job :)