Saturday, February 11, 2012

I speak Peace Corps

With a new group of trainees heading to Morocco next month, I thought I would post on Peace Corps acronyms.  For any of you who have yet to make it to your PC country, do not be overwhelmed.  Even to many experienced PCV's the following will make no sense.  Be ready to hear acronyms thrown at you all the time.  You're about to be a PCT living in a CBT with a LCF.  Give it time and it will all become clear.  For current PCV's and RPCV's, see if you can follow along...

Congratulations!  You’ve been invited to PC/M!  Until you arrive in country you will communicate with PC/W.  Don’t let the PSQ’s stress you out.  Upon arriving in country you’ll meet the TM and the TA who will manage your PST.  You’ll spend the next 10 weeks with your fellow PCT’s learning the language with your LCF and HCN’s so that you can pass your LPI at the end of PST.  You’ll be living in a CBT with a host family and a LCF and travel to HUB several times during PST.  The HSC will match you with your host family prior to leaving orientation.  Before leaving for your CBT the CD will tell you about the PC/M program and the SSC will give you a general overview of safety in PC/M.  Also, the PTO along with the TM and the TA will go over the PST schedule.  PST may seem like a long time but you will also go through PPST, IST, MSM and COS before becoming a RPCV.  Unless you ET of course.  During PST you will learn about being a YD PCV and TEFL.  During your service you will most likely also do projects that an ENV, HE or SBD PCV would do as well.  Whenever you have questions you can reach out to your RM or the RCM can get you supplies from ICE.  You won’t learn about grant opportunities like PCPP or SPA until PPST.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  You still have to learn about VAC, GAD, VSN and WWS.    The FA needs to explain how you will get your money and how to handle reimbursements.  If you need a bike and helmet in your final site you’ll have to talk to the GSO.  If you ever have an emergency call the DO.  Once you have completed PST and passed your LPI you will swear in as a PCV.  Not to worry you but at the end of your service you will write a DOS with all your projects on it before COSing.  For now, just enjoy being a PCT and the excitement of being a PCV soon and a RPCV in the future!

To sum up, you are a PCT living in a CBT with HCN’s and a LCF going through PST so that you can pass your LPI and swear in as a PCV.  Your TM, TA, RM, LCF, CD, AO, PTO, FA, GSO, HSC, SSC, PCMO, DO, and RCM are there to help you with questions, comments and concerns.  You just have to make it through PST, PPST, IST, MSM and COS before writing a DOS with your YD, SBD, ENV, HE, TEFL, PCPP and SPA projects on it before become a RPCV.  Got it?  Good!   

If that didn't confuse you give these sentences a try!

The PTO called me to go to PST to talk to the PCT's about the VRF but I have to go to IST to talk to the PCMO about GAD and the CD wants me to talk to VSN because I've been having a hard time in site with several HCN's and my VAST grant is stressing me out!

The CD said that at IST we'll find out about PCPP, VAST and SPA but my RM said to ask the PTO if we'll talk about the new OOC policy and I'm sure the PCMO will come to give us our flu shots but the AO is on AL and won't be coming.  

Understand?  Even from PC country to country some of the acronyms change so don't be alarmed if you're a PCV serving in another country and didn't understand all of this.  If you got all of this, you just passed another LPI!  You speak Peace Corps fluently :)

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