Thursday, December 6, 2007

How much Longer???

So this whole time period while I'm waiting for medical clearance is supposed to be a time for me to practice skills I'll need in the Peace Corps; mainly patience. I'm doing ok I guess but I am getting very impatient!!! I always am checking my toolkit online to see if anything new has happened and nothing so far.

I keep reading everyone's posts on all the Facebook groups and people are really starting to get their invites for February through April. So far I've heard about invites for Ukraine for at risk children development leaving in March and a community development program in Botswana. I know that nothing is for certain until I get my invite so I'm keeping an open mind and keeping my fingers crossed that I'll know soon. There was this really interesting discussion about nicknames that volunteers receive in their countries of service and I keep thinking about what will mine be? Will I even have a nickname? How will I get my nickname? Every country has a very unique way of picking them. Then I read another discussion about the worst thing people had to eat in their county of service. Some of the things are seriously disgusting. My stomach got a little upset reading it. I am willing to try anything once though and my positive attitude will help me have fun and enjoy my time no matter what!

So 4 more months or so until I'm hopefully on my way! 2 more weeks at least until I'll probably hear anything about my medical clearance. Come January I will hopefully know that my invite is in the mail and I can anxiously await that!! Well here's hoping! Keep your fingers crossed!