Friday, September 10, 2010

Here We go Again...

Well two days to go and I'll be off again. I guess that means I should pack. I have all my stuff together I just have to get it into the bags. Tomorrow I guess. It will be a lot easier this time around that's for sure!

Its been a crazy month meeting up with people and getting things taken care of. Everyday I've had a meeting with someone, whether it be a friend, family, old co-workers or potential grad school professor. I've stuffed myself silly with all sorts of delicious American food; cheesecake, sausages, cheese, brownies, mexican, chinese, root beer and chips. It's been delicious but its definitely time to go back to my practically all rice diet.

So to make this short, my travel plans. On Monday, I fly out of Milwaukee to Philly for staging. Basically that means I meet up with the rest of the group and we do intros and do some paperwork. Then on Tuesday, we'll get on buses headed to JFK. We have a direct flight from JFK to Casablanca. Then its 4 days in a hotel to get to know the group, meet PC Morocco staff, start to learn the language and fill out more paperwork. I will be doing PST in a village somewhere around Fes. Sometime in October I should find out my permanent site for the next 2 years.

So I guess this will be my last blog in America and the next one will be from Morocco!! 2 more years?? BRING IT ON!!!