Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Full Speed Ahead!

Looking at my calender for September I can't believe how busy I am going to be!! First off, they are having a big grand opening for the new Red Cross Center here in Lezhe. We're keeping busy making the place clean, organized, and Red Cross worthy. Next, I'm going to be helping with a kindergarten for Roma children. I have a meeting with parents this week, and classes start next week. Then I have couch surfers coming in and out staying with me throughout the month. I love having couch surfers because it gets me out of the house and its always so interesting talking to them! My first trimester report is due so I'm busily working on finishing that to turn in. Then I have a training in Tirane for 3 days next week. After that I am going home for a week for my brothers wedding!! I am super excited to get to see my family and friends and eat all sorts of different foods! I of course will be super busy with wedding stuff on Friday and Saturday but am hanging out with friends Friday night and doing a presentation at my old high school for the foreign language classes. That means I also have to prepare a presentation before I leave. The day I come back I'm going to Montenegro for the Madonna Concert. Then its back to translations, web design and coffees. But by then September will be over!

Another big thing happening this month is that on Saturday 8 volunteers who were evacuated from Georgia will be arriving in Albania. They will get a crash course in Albanian and culture. I will be greeting them when they arrive at Rinas Airport and helping out a lot since they are going to do the training in Tirane and I am only an hour away. It's going to be super exciting having new volunteers here!

So as you can see September is going to be a busy month for me but that makes me happy. I'm ready to keep going and am excited for all my small projects! With that said, "Full Speed Ahead!"